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In Search of-a Plumber
"I recently had a need of a plumber to repair my one piece American Standard toilet's leaking flapper and replace a leaking watts regulator at my meter.
Should have been easy right? Wrong!

I first called Anytime Plumbing on a Tuesday and set up an appointment for Saturday between 9:00 AM and noon. Noon Saturday came and went. Shortly after noon I called and was told their plumber had an emergency and would be out later. I waited till later and called again. They gave no excuse and wanted to reschedule for Monday. I told them Monday was not possible. I explained to them that's why I called on Tuesday for a Saturday appointment; not a Monday appointment. They suggested Sunday between 9:00 AM and noon; to which I agreed. Sunday came and their plumber finally arrived. He inspected the American standard toilet and advised that this was a special item and that he would have to order the part. I told him I informed their dispatcher of the special American standard toilet. He advised that he would check on the parts price and availability and call on Monday. If I would be OK to wait on the watts regulator replacement till then; I reluctantly agreed. Monday comes and goes and I did not receive a phone call from the plumber. Tuesday I called and inquired about my pricing and when I could expect replacement of my regulator. They said they would get back with me. As of today, I am still waiting.

On Tuesday I called Bill Howell Plumbing and was advised they do not serve the Hidden Meadows area. Bill Howell Plumbing recommended Black Mountain Plumbing and I called them and was advised that they do not serve the Hidden Meadow area.

Black Mountain Plumbing recommended George Plumbing. I called and set up an appointment for Thursday between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. The plumber showed up, a little bit late, but showed up nevertheless. After inspecting the leaking flapper he advised my wife that we needed a new toilet and that would be $650.00. He advised her that it would be $275.00 for replacing the Watts regulator. Not wanting to spend $975.00 without my knowledge she telephoned me and I spoke with the plumber and told him I _just wanted the flapper replaced and did not need a new toilet, and that the toilet was an expensive one piece designer model and I just wanted the flapper replaced. He did not want to replace the flapper - he wanted to sell us a new toilet for $650.00. I asked why the replacement of the Watts regulator was so expensive. He advised me that it was a flat rate of $275.00 weather it took him one hour or five hours. I inquired about his hourly rate to which he never replied. Finally I pissed him off enough - he just left.

Now my wife being very frustrated and no flapper or watts regulator being replaced called our dear friend and asked if she knew of a decent plumber. She said she had heard of Becker & Son Plumbing, in Pauma Valley.

I called them and spoke with Brad Becker. I explained my needs and told him of this fiasco with the other plumbers. He explained that he could replace the flapper if an inspection verified that it was indeed the problem. He went on to say that sometimes the toilets are so corroded due to our hard water _they are not repairable. A new toilet would be $475.00. To replace the Watts regulator would be between one to two hours and his hourly rate is $90.00. I asked when he could come out and he advised that he could possibly be out Friday between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM or Saturday for sure. I asked him to come out at his earliest convenience. He later confirmed that they would have a plumber at my home on Friday between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM.

Friday arrives and so does the plumber, right on time. He immediately inspected the toilet and found it to be OK, except for the flapper. He left to get the American Standard Flapper. When he returned he immediately installed the flapper and proceeded to install the Watts regulator. My wife had to leave before the work was completed and was concerned about payment. The plumber told her not to worry about paying him that clay; they would send us a bill.

Thursday of the following week we received a bill in the amount of $237.00. $12.00 for an American Standard Flapper and 2 1/2 hours of labor. Being pleasantly surprised, I sent the check promptly.

Today, the flapper is flapping and the regulator is regulating and my search for a plumber is over - thank goodness.

It is great to find a professional company with professional employees who are concerned with the customers needs.

A special thank you to Becker & Son Plumbing in Pauma Valley. They can be reached at (760) 594-1317. When my need for a plumber arises again, you know who I'll call first!

Brad thanks again.

Gil Catton

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